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About us

Our ambition is to combine beautiful design, health and careful consideration for the environment.

The benefits of water are so many that we do not know where to even begin. Water is the key to all life. Water is a vital source of energy, radiation and an overall sense of well-being. And water is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. We cannot overemphasize the importance of water.

At Water for Life our ambition is to provide high-end products of great quality. Design is a priority – but we strive to combine our passion for the design with our commitment towards health, sustainability and social responsibility.

We have designed a water cooler for natural spring-water in cooperation with the world-renowned Henning Larsen Architects in Denmark. With a contemporary and at the same time timeless design, it fits any place that needs a daily source of cold and clean spring-water.

The water cooler was rewarded several times when it entered the market in 2012.

International honours for Water for Life

Water for Life participated in the FoodBev Awards, an online platform for awards in the international food and drink industry. The Awards was hotly contested with 105 entrants from 22 countries.

Water for Life participated in two categories:
“Best new Brand or redesign” (considered the main category) “Best Innovator”

We are proud of the fact that we received a silver medal in the category “Best new brand or redesign” and was among the finalists in the category “Best Innovator”. You can read further details about the competition and the judging panel’s opinions on the following link.

Water for Life has been launched in Denmark and Norway. Following, we will introduce our product and services in other European countries in cooperation with well-established distributors and representatives.

We only work with partners who support our ambition.




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