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What is the idea behind Water for Life

Our water cooler gives your company an opportunity to send a strong message regarding lifestyle, health and social responsibility.

We are committed to think holistically in terms of environment, health and social responsibility. Our water cooler has been carefully designed to fit Bag-in-box water, which is an environmentally friendly option that at the same time offers a very hygienic packaging. In order to keep your drinking water clean, we provide drinking cups that are 100% compostable or bottles, free of PVC, bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. We invest 10% of our royalty earnings in technology that supports the delivery of clean drinking water, as this is one of the greatest current and future global challenges.

What is special about this Water cooler?

We have designed a water cooler for natural spring water in cooperation with the world-renowned Henning Larsen Architects in Denmark. The cooler can ideally be placed in companies, shops, clinics and other places where you need to have daily access to cold, pure water. With this beautifully designed water cooler, we wish to provide you with a contemporary and environmentally friendly option for your everyday replenishing needs.

In which countries is Water for Life sold?

Water for Life has been introduced in Denmark and Norway. It will be introduced in other European countries in cooperation with well established distributors. But are located in another country than Norway and Denmark it is still possible to buy a water cooler.

Is there a returnable deposit fee on the bottles?

The rules concerning deposit differ from country to country. In Scandinavia there is normally a deposit fee on all returnable packaging – including on a Bag-in-Box. However, our boxes have been exempted from the deposit system

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